Write A Letter To Your Friend About Environment Day Celebration In English

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Dear Ritu,

How are you? We are doing well here. I received your letter last week. I think you should try out for the acting audition. Last week, on June 5, there was an environmental celebration at school. Environment Day is a day observed by the United Nations every year on June 5 to raise global awareness about protecting our environment. This day is observed not just by environmental protection organizations but by all government and non-government organizations. Every year, the UN comes up with a theme to observe the day. This year’s slogan is “Only One Earth” and is hosted by Sweden. Ms. Revati, an environmental activist, inaugurated the celebration. In her speech, she talked about the benefits of observing the day every year. She says that the future of our environment will be determined by the way we treat it. We were each given a sapling. I got a sapling of a mango tree and planted it in my backyard.

Bye and take care

Your friend

Meena F