Write A Letter To Your Friend About Domestic Worker In English

Twinkle House
Nirmal Street, Bandra


Dear Adi,

I hope you and your family are doing well. How are your studies going? I am writing this letter to tell you about an incident that happened in my neighbourhood. Something valuable got stolen from my neighbour’s house. They complained to the police. The police came and did the investigation, and with no proof, they came to the conclusion that their maid might have done the theft. But the people in the house trust their maid, and they said that she can’t steal as they have known her for years. More investigation was conducted by the police, and it was discovered that a thief broke into the house when no one was present. The plight of domestic workers is disturbing. Many people assume that domestic workers are not trustworthy and try to put the blame on them when something goes wrong. Every job has its own value and deserves respect. We should not underestimate anyone based on their job. The authorities must take some steps to ensure the job security of domestic workers.

Bye and take care

Your friend

Nishal F