Write A Letter To Your Friend About Doctor In English

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Dear Maya,

I hope you and your family are happy and in good health. I was having a viral fever last week. I consulted my doctor, and she prescribed me medicines. Now, I am fine. At this time, I think of the service of doctors. They are the real gods. Saving a life is the greatest thing in the world. Doctors are life savers who work tirelessly to provide the best service possible to humans. The job of a doctor is one of the most divine professions. The job of a doctor requires the utmost dedication and sacrifice. I’ve never considered becoming a doctor because I’m not sure I’d be able to provide such devoted service. Only those people who believe that they can do their duty in the right way should choose this profession. The best doctor is one who not only understands the disease and its treatment, but also loves and cares for their patients. Do you wish to be a doctor?

Bye and take care

Your friend

Neeraj F