Write A Letter To Your Friend About Dhaka City In English

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Kumar Street Opposite Metro Junction


Dear Beena,

How are you? I’m doing quite well here. What else is happening with your studies and school life? I am writing this letter to tell you about Dhaka city. My mother had to go to Dhaka for some work purposes, and she told me about the city when she came back. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. It is also the largest city in Bangladesh, and it is also populous. People here speak Bengali. Dhaka has a moderately wet and dry climate. You can see many old buildings in Dhaka with traces of Mughal architecture. Since it is the country capital, you can see many diplomatic institutions in Dhaka. This city is said to be the culinary capital of Mughal cuisine. There are many varieties of biryani available in Dhaka. It is also the city in Bangladesh with the highest number of schools and universities. What are your thoughts about this city?

Bye and take care

Your friend 
Cyril F