Write A Letter To Your Friend About Describing Your Leisure Activities In English

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Hey Niveditha,

I received your letter last week, and I am happy to know that you are doing well. How are you spending your leisure time? Though my leisure time is very limited, I will try to do a variety of things. I watch movies, read books, and try new recipes during my leisure time. I can’t do all this at the same time. It will be according to the leisure time available. Sometimes, I will be free for the next three hours, and I will use it to watch a movie I have never seen. If I am free only for the next 45 minutes, I try to create new recipes and cook. Some recipes have been a success and have earned the admiration of others, while others have been a complete failure. But there is no compromise with reading. However busy I am, I try to read at least one page from a book. We should try to spend our leisure time in effective ways.

Bye and take care

Your friend
Harry F