Write A Letter To Your Friend About Birds Of Bangladesh In English

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Sreerag Nagar


Dear Nissi,

How are you? What else is happening at your school? We are doing well here. I am writing this letter to ask for your help in writing an essay that our English teacher will give to the whole class. The topic for the essay is “Birds of Bangladesh.” We have to submit it in five days. I will share some points I know already. Bangladesh is home to around 700 species of birds. The doel, also called the Magpie Robin, is the national bird of Bangladesh. These birds are commonly seen in rural areas and are well-known for their melodious sound. Doel is a black and white, bulbul-sized bird with a long tail. The Shalik, or common mynah, kingfisher, woodpecker, etc. are the other common birds we can see in this country. Also, Bangladesh is home to a variety of migratory birds. Major migratory birds include ducks, geese, falcons, eagles, etc.

Please share with me if you know more about the topic.

Bye and take care 

Your friend 
Kaira F