Write a Letter to Your Friend about a Wedding You Have Attended Recently in English

Giridhar, Devis Lane
Second street


Dear Joji

How are you? I received your letter yesterday. We are doing well here. In my previous letter, I had mentioned my cousin’s wedding. She got married last week. I was attending a wedding for the first time in a long time. Also, I was excited to dress up for the wedding, as it was my favourite cousin’s wedding. For this wedding, all the girls from the bride’s family wore a bright green saree. I loved how I looked for the wedding. I had not seen many of my relatives in a long time. This wedding made it possible to see many of them. Another surprise was meeting our old classmate Mindy. She was a guest from the groom’s side. She is pursuing her degree at Punjab University. Traditional Marathi food was served for the wedding. The food was delicious. We all danced and sang toward the end of the function. This was a joyful, fun-filled wedding.

I hope to meet you soon.


Your friend
Sariga F