Write A Letter To Your Friend About A Restaurant In English



Hey Pranav,

I received your letter yesterday. I am happy that you and your family are fine. We are doing well here.

My friend and her brother started a new restaurant in the city that serves Indian cuisines mainly. Along with Indian, they are also planning to serve the Chinese. They named the restaurant ‘Spring’. I visited the restaurant as they invited me to have lunch from there. I was accompanied by another friend, Rima. I ordered Chicken biriyani and Rima ordered naan and butter chicken. We both loved the food very much. It was so tasty and liked the way they manage the customers. The speciality of this restaurant is that they have the main food of all Indian states on their menu. Next time, you come to the city, we should definitely visit the restaurant. I am sure you will love the food and the restaurant.

Bye and take care. 

Your friend