Write A Letter To Your Friend About A Quiz Competition Which You Participated In Kanpur In English



Dearest Jaseela,

Hope you are fine. Did you go to watch any new movies or read any books recently?

Last week, I went to attend a quiz competition at ABC central school in Kanpur as part of our country’s Independence Day celebration. The competition is conducted by a student welfare organization for all school students. I was along with my co-team member and our history teacher from school. The competition is between teams consisting of 2 students from each school. There were 10 such teams and only 5 teams will be selected to the final round. The questions were mostly based on freedom fight and independence. We successfully got selected for the final round. The most difficult questions were asked in the final round and we couldn’t answer most of them. We came in the 4th position and received a certificate for participation. It was a good experience.


Your friend|