Write A Letter To Your Friend About A New Book You Have Read In English



Dearest Devika,

How are you? Any new plans on your business? 

I am writing this letter to introduce you to a new book which I have read. The book’s name is ‘The Glass Palace’ written by the renowned Indian English writer, Amitav Gosh. The book was published recently. It is a historical fiction. The novel tells the story of three generation. The time period in the novel begins in the 19th century and ends in the 21st century. The novel begins with the British invasion of a palace in Burma. The novel talks about themes like British colonialism, imperialism and modern time globalization. Though the novel talks about very serious subjects, it is interesting to find how the story unfolds. I am recommending you to read this novel.

Hope to meet you soon

Bye and take care

Your friend