Write A Letter To Your Friend About A Football Match English

House no 13
Keltron Nagar


Dear Tanya,

I hope you are slowly recovering from the accident that happened to you and are fine. We are doing well here. After a month, the interscholastic boys’ football league will kick off. Yesterday at school, our physical education teacher showed us the schedule of the match. The teams are grouped into two, A and B.

Our school is in Group B. The first match is between our school and St. Mary’s school. This match is on the 12th of next month; this is the day after the inauguration of the league. Our school will be hosting this match. The list of team members was put off yesterday. Ajith from our class is on the team.

It is said that all our opponents have good players. Our team is also not bad. Everybody is very excited for the opening match, as our school is the one hosting it. Our team has to put the best of their skills into this match to win the game.

Bye and take care

Your friend

Kavya F