Write A Letter To Your Friend About A Birthday Gift In English

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Dear Bivina,

I hope you and your loved ones are happy and doing well. We are doing well here. Arnav has invited all of us to his home to celebrate his birthday next Sunday. Have you thought about the birthday gift? I get to know that there will be only six of us and his cousins for the birthday party. We all planned to buy him a gift together. I thought about what to gift him. Do you have any ideas? We should also try to get the gift for a maximum of 1000 rupees. Arnav is a person who reads a lot. We can get him the latest best-selling book. He is not interested in dresses or watches, but he loves sneakers. We can otherwise get him a pair of sneakers within our budget. Please write to me with your gift suggestions. We have to hurry up. There is only a week left.

Bye and Take care

Your friend
Kevin F