Write A Letter To The Editor Of A Newspaper Complaining About Conditions In Hospitals In English


11 February 2023

The Editor,
The Hindustan Times

Subject: Letter complaining about the conditions in hospitals


Through an article in your newspaper, I would like to draw attention towards the issue of conditions in hospitals.

I am a student at a university in Delhi and I have come from my village to study in the city. Recently, I had to visit a local hospital for a minor injury. Being a student, I couldn’t go to a prestigious hospital. The hospital that I went to had really bad conditions. There were patients sitting on every surface imaginable.

There were also various stains on the sofas and the chairs available there. There were a lot of patients and the doctors were overburdened. The concerned authorities should look into the well being of these hospitals as not everyone can afford a prestigious one. This will help not only the patients but the doctors as well.

I hope that the columns of your newspaper will help this issue reach the concerned authorities so that we can acquire help from them.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Rajat Gupta C