Write A Letter To Friend About A Greedy Farmer In English



Hello Sheetal,

How are you? 

Last Friday, me and my family went for a picnic. While travelling we pass through a beautiful village. We decided to explore the beauty of the village. We saw a very green rice field and a banana field. As went inside, we saw some farmers. Among them, one was the owner of the banana field. He welcomed us to his field. We saw many banana plants, some with fruits, some only just planted and some with flowers. I saw a worker spraying something on the plants. I asked him what he was spraying. The farmer told us that it is a chemical to have high yield. He said that though it isn’t necessary for the plants to grow, it helps in getting high yield in less time and more money. He looks very greedy for money such that it doesn’t matter for him how these chemicals affect the health of the others. I felt to let you know about this incident.


Your friend