How to Win an Argument or Debate

Most of us often fall into argument and in spite of having solid justifications, we are defeated.

Well, an argument cannot be won just by having ample of knowledge and it also cannot be lost just by having inadequate knowledge.
Remember it!

Many a times, a well knowledged person gets defeated and an ignorant one wins and vice versa.

Best way is to avoid arguments, because it never pays. Wise men say,

“Never argue with a learnt person as he knows more than you and never argue with an ignorant as he knows less than you!”                        

So better to keep yourself aloof from arguments.

But if you still become victim of argument, you should keep some tricks in mind to win over.

If you don’t examine your weakness, it will become a tool for your opponent who can use it against you. So whenever you argue with someone, please KNOW YOUR WEAKNESS AND ACCEPT IT, so that no one may use it against you.

It is well known fact that if you argue with someone, he will search for your weakness and will ultimately give you a blow. So always remain aware of your knowledge level as well as your experience level.


It is probably the best way to win any argument. It really pays. I have frequently used this method and got commendable results. Whenever you argue with a person, start asking questions. All sorts of questions. It will expose his inner weaknesses and ultimately a time will come when he will have nothing to say and will surely accept the defeat.


Remember, silence avoids many problems and smile solves many problems. So try to remain silent and have a smiling face. Well said by some philosopher,

“Kill them will your smile and bury them with your success!”

A wise man always uses these two tools to keep his position significant in any conversation.


Emotions are the worst enemies of success. Even, if you are going to win, your emotions will bring its opposite. Our statements are often accompanied by angriness that makes the opponent dominant.
Whenever you fall into an argument, always keep in mind that you are going to debate with your logic, rationality, cognition and knowledge and not by your angriness or other emotions.


If you know well whatever you have said is absolutely true then there is no need of vindicating it. Justifying your statement often kills its solidness and weakens it.
If you are right, remain intact and never provide justifications for it. If your opponent is a wise person, he will accept it and if he is an ignorant, then you know very well ?.


Always try to speak about which you are fully confident. If you iclude such things that you doubt for their accuracy will most probably lead to your downfall if your opponent knows about it. Your arguments should be accompanied with what is absolutely true and it will make your position dominant though you have not sufficient to say.


Eye contact is very important in any conversation. If you are fully confident about your statement, keep your eyes alive and imagine that you have sunk in your opponent’s eyes. It will surely make him restless and he will avoid arguing.


Our elders have taught us to speak, but most of them have never taught us to remain silent. We people first speak and then think, “O my God, I shouldn’t have said that!” To avoid this “O my God!” situation, learn to think and then speak. It will seem to be a little bit odd and difficult to act upon, but regular practice will help you in gaining the mastery over it!

Thats All!

Keep these very simple tricks in your mind and be the boss!