Where Shall We Go This Summer Summary by Anita Desai

Pregnant Sita

This is a story that highlights the gulf between the life of modern-day technopolis and conservative village life. The differences between the two often create a very different culture and breeding grounds for people and affect how they behave and what things they value.

The main character of the story is named Sita who is expecting a baby soon. She is pregnant but does not want to deliver her newborn in the toxic surrounding of her city. She is frustrated how her other children have been spoiled by the luxuries and distractions of modern lifestyle and remiss her own childhood and simple upbringing.

Desire to Move to Manori

She wants her newborn to be immersed in the same values and natural beauty that she enjoyed as a child in her island village of Manori. Her husband is against her wish to move to Manori as he realizes there will not be any nursing or healthcare facility there to aid her delivery.

He does not want to risk her pregnancy at that stage. However, Sita is determined and moves to Manori with her kids. While on the Island, Sita remembers her childhood days of fun and frolic.

Sita’s Father

She remembers her father who used to bring her and her siblings to the island and then narrate the stories about nature. He also enjoyed giving speeches about the country and its independence or freedom struggle.

On one such occasion, there were heavy rains and the island got flooded with a deluge of rainwater. Sita was in danger of being drowned when she was rescued by a stranger. That stranger eventually became her husband.

Kids Interact With Nature

At the island, she wants her children to immerse themselves in the same natural beauty and bounties. She takes them to the beach where they are mesmerized by the fishes and seashells. She is excited to see the kids interacting with nature.

However, she misses her husband. She wants her whole family to reap the benefits of such a simple and clean lifestyle. She loathes the hectic, fast-paced, mechanical city life.


In the end, her husband does come back to Manori. He consoles Manori but asks her to go back to the city to get proper medical care before the birth of the baby. Sita accepts and the whole family returns to their city life after a rejuvenating experience of the natural therapy of the Island.