A Visit to an Exhibition Essay

An Exhibition is a place where beautiful attractive and artistic things arranged for public shows. It has a great commercial and educative value. Delhi has seen many exhibitions like Railway Exhibition, Post Telegraph Exhibition. International Exhibitions create friendly relations between various nations.

An International Industrial Exhibition was arranged by the Indian Government in Delhi. Last Saturday, I had a chance to visit this exhibition with some of my friends. At the booking windows there was a great rush and every man and to purchase the ticket first.

We requested a gentleman to purchase our tickets also because he was tenth or eleventh in the queue. Thus we took the tickets and end the gate. First of all, we saw a fountain just in front of the gate and it was foaming.

Then we selected to see the styles of the US, Democratic Germany, Poland, Russia China and India and made up our minds to see those stalls on the same day.

First, we entered the U.S. stall and saw a man, who appeared to be just like a magician. He was showing various wonderful things. He converted the sound waves produced by a gramophone into the light waves and focused die light- waves somewhere.

Then as he placed some obstacle in the way of light waves, the gramophone stopped, In the same way, a moving train obeyed his orders. He sad the word “Stop” and the train at once stopped and when he said ‘Move forward’, it obeyed and when he said “Now move back” the train began to move back.

In the U.S stall, there was a picture-hall, in which three hundred persons could sit at a time. In the picture, the principle of ‘Atomic Structure’ was clearly explained. A magic hand was also a good thing.

Now we entered the stall of Democratic Germany. There, the glass man was one of the interesting things. The Chinese stall was one of the best stalls. On the left of the stall, there was some machinery to which we did not pay much attention. But on the right crockery work was exhibited.

There were also different kinds of fruits made in wax. They looked like real ones. My younger brother wanted to have some of them, but I told him that it was wax. Then we went to the Polish stall we did not take any interest there because there was nothing except large machines.

So we did not waste any time there. It was 9-30pm We were tired and did not want to see more. We decided to leave and come out of the exhibition area. Highly pleased with what we saw there, we returned home in a taxi