A Visit to a Hill Station Essay

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. I had heard that hills are beauty unto them. I had a chance to visit Shimla last summer. My friend invited me for a visit to his native village which was very near the famous hill station.

I boarded Shatabdi Express from Delhi and reached Chandigarh. From there I took a bus to Shimla. The journey was quite thrilling, exciting and simply wonderful. I saw the beautiful sight of Shiwalik Hills all along the road to Shimla.

It was a wonderful experience Shimla is a beautiful hill station. Its mall road is very famous for shopping. It is full of hustle and bustle. It is a meeting place for all.

The lower mall is full of life. One can see the entire Shimla hills from the ridge which is the widest and the most beautiful spot in the town. The beautiful church on the ridge gives an added attraction to the tourist.

The Lakkar Bazar is full of beautiful, attractive and costly things like toys and sceneries made of wood Skating rink near the ridge is full of activity. It is said to be the queen of hills