Things I Hate the Most

I hate to get up early in the morning and to go to school, particularly waking up and preparing for my examinations and then marching off to take them. My father persuades me to get up early and exercise.

In fact, he forces me to do so and I hate this very much. I hate to exercise and I would rather be in bed sleeping inside my warm blanket. I hate anyone disturbing me in the morning.

Another thing I hate is to sit for the examinations in school, particularly weekly tests and final examinations. Final examinations are very important as they decide whether we shall go to the next class or not.

I also hate when friends fight with each other. I like to see everyone friendly and happy with each other. When there is any kind of friction between people I begin to feel very uncomfortable and like to try to bring peace.

But people normally do not realize the value of proper behaviour and spend a lot of time in senseless bickering and fighting. I dislike washing clothes too. I would much rather have someone else doing this for me.

I hate the soapy feeling that one gets on one’s hands as one washes clothes. The effect of handling soap and water is that the hands lose their moisture and this causes a lot of discomfort to me.

I like to have soft hands and washing clothes makes my hands rough and coarse. Making polite conversation with my parents, friends are also not my cup of tea. I can be cordial and pay them my regards but I dislike it if I am expected to spend a whole day with them.

I get terribly bored and this is a terrible feeling. I know that one should be more tolerant and try to adjust to things that don’t always tally with his expectations, but I somehow cannot help being the way I am and I continue to feel that way about the things that I dislike most.