Short Essay on Teacher in English

Our class was without a science teacher for almost two weeks. The principal assured us that a new teacher would arrive soon and we waited eagerly for him. On Monday morning we saw a young lady standing next to the principal during assembly.

She looked elegant and smart. Her hair was long and tied neatly into a bun and she wore a pretty yet simple cotton saree. All eyes were on her and she seemed to be a very pleasant person as she smiled at all the students who wished her a good morning.

We took our seats in our class and settled down for the day. Soon there was a knock at the classroom door and to our surprise, the same young lady entered our class along with the principal. We greeted her and we were introduced to her by the principal.

She was our new science teacher. We all heaved a sigh of relief when we saw that such a friendly person had come to teach us. She was Miss Alka and had just come from Bombay. The principal left her with us and she soon took charge of the class.

She asked each of us our names and to our amazement, she memorized all of them within minutes. She asked us all to tell her something about ourselves so that she may be able to get to know us better.

A few naughty boys in the class tried to play tricks on her. They would throw paper at each other and duck so that she could not spot the mischief-makers. However, she was very sharp and alert and soon took those boys to the task.

Her method of punishment was very interesting. She explained that she was here to teach these boys and by playing tricks the boys were wasting their own time. She was patient with the students and yet she always remained firm.

Classes are no more dull and exciting since her arrival She demonstrates almost everything that she teaches. The experiments in the books come alive when she brings various teaching aids to class and adds life to the dry stuff that is found in our science books.

Although Miss Alka is no longer a new teacher, I can never forget the day we were blessed by her arrival in our school.