The Landlady Characters by Roald Dahl

Mr Greenslade (The Boss)

He is Billy’s boss back in London. It is at his behest that Billy travels to Bath to find accommodation. He is portrayed as strict and disciplined who asks for absolute best from his employees.

Two Victims

Christopher Mulholland

He was one of the entries in the logs and of the same age as Billy. In fact, Billy even remembers his namely vaguely from the newspapers.

By the text of the story, we can make out that he must have been a victim of the lady and was stuffed like her other taxidermist works. She evens says that he never left the inn, eluding to the fact that his body remained o the floor he stayed.

Gregory W. Temple

Another victim of the lady, he was older than both Mulholland and Billy. He was also talk, handsome and impressionable.

The Landlady (The Antagonist)

She is the creepy old woman who runs a quaint little inn in Bath. She is skilled at conversation and taxidermy. She has a fetish for young and vulnerable boys and stuffs them like her pets after drugging them.

On the outside, she is polite and welcoming. She is also very evasive when pressed with questions by Billy and keeps on insisting that he drinks the tea. She seems focused and cold-blooded murderer.

Billy Weaver (Protagonist)

The young man from London travels to Bath to find accommodation for his stay. He is determined to stay and drink at a pub but is captivated by a quaint little inn run by an old woman.

He is naïve and trusting and falls for the warmth of the place and its host. However, he remains sceptical of the lady who seems to have a thing for young boys and keeps evading his questions.

Her inn is also deserted even with its meagre charges and this spooks Billy. When reads the entry log, he only finds two previous visitors (both assumed dead in news). He realizes what the lady is really up to but it comes too late as he drinks the tea infused with drugs.

In the last moments of the story, he gets an honest reply from the lady who acknowledges that he is the first boy to enter her place for a couple of years.

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