Love in a Life Poem by Robert Browning Summary, Notes and Line by Line Explanation in English for Students

Introduction: The poem “Love in a Life” was a poem written by Robert Browning. The poem was published in 1855 in a collection called “Men and Women”. There are similar poems with the same themes appearing in this collection. The poet dedicated these poems to his wife Elizabeth Barrett Browning. This poem describes the unending … Read more

Epilogue Poem Summary, Notes And Line By Line Analysis In English By Robert Browning

Introduction: ‘Epilogue’ is a dramatic monologue written by Robert Browning. A part of Asolando, his collection of poetry, it is the final poem penned by him on his death day. As the title suggests, it is thus the poet asking his readers to bid farewell to him without pity as death beckons him in the … Read more

My Last Duchess Poem Summary and Line by Line Analysis by Robert Browning in English

Introduction Robert Browning wrote the well-known dramatic monologue “My Last Duchess.” It implies that the speaker murdered his wife and will do the same to the next one shortly. The Duke and Duchess Ferarra provided the poet with ideas for this poem. The Duchess passed away in eerie circumstances. At fourteen, she got married, and … Read more