The Canterville Ghost Summary by Oscar Wilde

Chapter 1 “The Canterville Ghost” starts with the sale of an old British mansion called Canterville Chase to Horace B. Otis, an American minister. Though the prior owner, Lord Canterville, notifies Mr. Otis that the mansion is haunted, Mr. Otis is not feeling terrible and replies with bravery that ghosts do not exist even its … Read more

The Importance of Being Earnest Themes

Introduction Oscar Wilde is one of the renowned Irish dramatists of Victorian Era, infamous for his notorious history. He led a miserable life due to personal problems, marital issues, imprisonment, harsh criticism, and trails because of homosexuality. This led to his early death. Wilde was also infamous for writing duplicate content. The Importance of Being Earnest is … Read more

How Does The Importance of Being Earnest Ridicule Victorian Values

The play The Importance of Being Ernest Oscar Wilde ridicules Victorian customs and traditions, marriage and particularly the pursuit of love.  In Victorian times earnestness was considered as of the topmost ideals for reforming the lower classes. Later on, it spread to the upper class as well. The very subtitle of the play ‘A Trivial Comedy For Serious People’ shows the theme.  Within … Read more