Student Unrest Essay

Student unrest is a worldwide phenomenon. There is hardly a country free from it. There are many socio-economic factors causing this. The unrest among students is an outward expression of the resentment that the community feels towards the government, the society and the institutions that they study in.

It is human nature that when a person, especially the youth, is alienated or his problems are not heeded to, or if he is unable to face the realities of life, he resorts to violent means to focus public attention.

When the number of such students grows large, they unite on a common platform and together tread on the path of violence. Actually education plays a vital role in moulding one’s behaviour and in preparing a child to the world at large. This role, it seems, is not carried out satisfactorily by most institutions nowadays.

When a student steps into the world of reality, he is baffled to find himself a misfit. In this fast-changing society, he cannot perhaps keep pace. Hence there is unrest among the youth.

The youth get frustrated when they see a great deal of disparity between the theory and its application. This causes them to wonder whether all that they ever learnt would ever come in use or would go waste.

Added to that is their economic dissatisfaction. All these factors blend together and give rise to a cult of violence. It is only a beneficial educational policy and a better social order that can bring about a sobering effect on them.

It is hence the duty of the sensible and responsible citizens of society and authorities that they should do all that they can to remove the irritants that cause such unrest. The youth should never be neglected.

They are impatient, hasty and full of new ideas and vision. Their dreams have got to be materialised and they like to see this happening as a result of their hard work and sometimes by force.

However, they often lead the country to new horizons, because out of unrest emerges a better society.