Speech on Kargil Vijay Diwas

Good day to all!

Today we celebrate the sacrifice and martyrdom of our armed forces that brought
laurels to the nation during the Kargil War against Pakistan in1999.

26th July is celebrated as the Kargil Vijay Diwas to honor the lives of the brave soldiers who laid their lives on the frontlines to secure a victory against the aggressive enemies. It gave us heroes like Major General Ian Cardozo and Captain Vikram Batra whose accomplishments will be etched in our collective enemies forever.

The war fought mainly in the uncompromising climate of upper Himalayas, saw Indian troops march into the enemy territory and deal them a thundering blow. Kargil is one of the highest battlegrounds in the World lies 200 KMs from the capital of Kashmir, Srinagar.

It has an average temperature of subzero (-50 degrees Celsius). The enemies planned to cut off communications between Kashmir valley and the areas of Ladakh but were foiled astoundingly by the swift action of the brave Indian heroes.

Every year this day is celebrated to honor the sacrifice of all those lives that were lost or harmed. There is a special ceremony at India Gate, New Delhi and is headed by the Prime Minister of the country.

There are celebrations in various schools, government institutions where the tricolor is raised and hoisted in remembrance of the lost heroes. There are also several competitions and contests like painting, singing, dancing, essay writing, poetry recitation, parades, and drills, etc. to add to the festivities of the occasion.

The intention behind such programs is not just to commemorate the sacrifice but also to inspire young generations from the past examples of national service and sacrifice.

What happened and transpired in Kargil must be an example to every Indian to judge his/her own actions when it comes to national service and patriotism. We all must resolve to do whatever necessary to serve our proud nation be it through arts, science, commerce or even military service. There should be an intention to pay back the nation’s soil.

It is also a way to pay respect to all the brave soldiers who continue to defend the nation’s walls without sleep and rest. It is a gesture of appreciation to them. A promise to never them that even if they are out of our sight they remain in our minds, hearts, and prayers.

Thank you for your patient hearing!