Speech on Health is Wealth in English

Good morning Principal, teachers, and my dear friends.

Today I am here to give a speech on the topic- Health is wealth.

We often hear this phrase health is wealth. A person who has good health is considered a wealthy person because it is believed that who has health has everything.

If a person is ill, he or she cannot enjoy many things in life.

He /she will not feel good internally. Such people are always worried due to their physical complications.

Health is very important. Everyone wants freedom from sickness and disease. There are various means with the help of which one can be healthy.

Firstly, every one of us should exercise daily. We can exercise in any form such as yoga, Zumba, sports, aerobics, etc. We should give at least 30 minutes a day to our bodies.

Secondly, eating healthy is as important as exercise.

Healthy food helps us to remain fit. These days we are indulging in a lot of junk food. It is very harmful to our health and does not have any nutrition. We should avoid food items that contain excessive sugar, salt or oil.

Thirdly, following a routine can also help us to stay fit. For example, sleeping on time, eating on time, exercising on time, etc. Sleeping late at night and eating not on time can badly affect our health.

Fourthly, reducing our screen time. We are living in a world of technology.

We use mobile phones, computers, tablets, laptops daily. These equipment are affecting our health. We should put a limit on the use of them.

These are some of the important points which we need to include in our daily routine in order to maintain our health and to stay away from medicines. A healthy lifestyle can protect us from many diseases. It also helps us to stay focused and succeed in life.

In short, we should always work to protect our real wealth which is health.

Thank you all of you.