Short Speech on Time Management in English for Students and Children

Dear Principal, teachers, and my dear friends. Very good morning to all of you. Today I stand in front of you to speak on the topic- Time management. I am presenting a short speech keeping the importance of our time in mind.

Time management is basically dividing, and allocating your time wisely to do important tasks in a day. You must be wondering why is it important or beneficial for us? There are various reasons for it.

Time management is very important for our careers. It is one of the key factors to success in any field of work. For example, if we won’t devote an equal amount of time to all the subjects you study, we may not be able to score good marks in each of them and this will affect your percentage overall.

Time management teaches us patience and teaches us how much time is needed to be devoted to a particular activity or task. For example, our class test of 20 marks is usually for half an hour or 45 minutes but our final exams are for 100 marks and 3 hours.

Each work requires a certain amount of time. If we are spending more time on that work, we are wasting our time. Time is money. It should not be wasted. It is so precious that once gone never returns.

Time management also teaches us to balance our lives. We should not spend our day doing just one task. When we make a time table for time management, we include everything in it. For example, food time, playtime, exercise time, study time, etc.

If we do not do time management, we may spend more time on a particular task and may completely avoid another. For example, people spend more time in the office and completely forget to exercise which affects their health.

In short, time management demands attention as it is very important for our overall well-being. I would request you all to manage your time and live a balanced life.

Thank you.