Short Speech on Technology How it is useful for Humankind in English for Students and Children

Respected Principal, teachers, and my dear friend. A wonderful morning to all of you. Today when we all have gathered on this special day, I would like to speak on the topic – Technology– How is it useful for humankind.

Technology is indeed a boon for mankind. Today, it has become an integral part of our day to day lives for each one of us. If you really want to know how important technology is, just to think about spending one day without a phone, tablet, computer or a laptop, video games, etc.

Can you live without all of them for a day? I don’t think so. They have made our lives so easy that now we cannot imagine our lives without them.

Technology is useful in many ways. Internet facility in our homes or our phone has made the world barrier-free. We can chat with a person from another country instantly while sitting in our own country with the help of the internet. Bygone are those days when we use to write letters to talk to each other.

Technology makes the news available to us with the touch of a button. We don’t need to wait for a newspaper or a particular Television show to know what is happening around the world.

Technology is also responsible for growth in different working sectors. For example, the agriculture sector. Steam tractor technology has contributed to the growth of the agriculture sector.

Advancement in medical technology can also be not ignored. For example, laser surgeries, stem cell transplants, remote surgery, etc are some of the positive and life-saving contributions of technology to humankind.

In the end, it is solely responsible for the growth of humankind but it should be used cautiously as it has become a man’s addiction too.

Thank you for lending me your ears.