Short Speech on Respecting Elders in English for Students and Children

3 Minute Speech on Respecting Elders for School and College students

Good morning! Respected Principal, teachers and my dear companions, I stand before you to speak on the topic – ‘Respecting elders’.

Since we all are social beings. We should learn to respect others, especially our elders. One should be polite and helpful to them. Because as soon as you could ever imagine, you are going to be old too.

A child is taught to respect elders by his parents at a very young age. Throughout school and college, he is constantly reminded of them while his personality develops. But still, we often forget to respect our elders. Respecting elders should come from within.

Respecting elders come under good habits and manners, it reflects your home, family, and upbringing. Everyone welcomes a well-behaved person. As we all know history repeats itself, if we will respect our elders today, then only we will get respect when we grow old.

There are many ways to show respect to them. For example, elders feel happy and honored when we include them in the decision making of the family. They are more experienced than us. So we should always ask for their advice. They also have walked the same path before us.

Another way is listening to them and following the traditions, which they have lived up to. We should also frequently visit them and invite them to our house too. We should often sit and eat with them. All this will help us to recognize and appreciate our elders.

Always remember that a man is always judged by his actions and every word or action has a reaction. So start respecting elders by being polite and gentle, if you want to succeed and be happy in life.

In the end, I would like to say, our elders are really precious and we should cherish them, for where would we be without them!

Thank you for your time and patience.