Short Speech on Internet in English for Students and Children

Good morning! Respected Principal, teachers and my dear companions. I stand before you to speak on the topic Internet. As we all know that the internet has become part and parcel of our lives and we can’t imagine our lives without it.

The Internet connects the local with the global. We can have access to everything with just one click of the button. Gone the old days when people used to wait for years to see their love ones. With the coming up internet, it has made video calling so easy and efficient.

Internet is a massive interconnection of networks and has spread its wings with technological advancement. Just as a coin has two sides, the internet also has many advantages and disadvantages.

The Internet has global access to data and communications. It helps in sharing of the information worldwide. Many web pages are created by the people, it not only generates business but also provides limitless information and enhances our knowledge. However, this has negative aspects as well. We do have hackers in our society who hack information off the web pages to fill their own pockets.

As we all know that excess of everything is bad. One should not be totally dependent on the internet because there is a lot of wrong information on the internet.

One should not get addicted to the internet. It is really sad to see that people have stopped using their minds with the coming up of the internet.

The need of the hour is that parents should not allow children to use it behind their back as it has many sites not suitable for children, whose advertisement just pop-ups on any page.

Also, there is a need to beware of hackers before using our personal and important information or bank details. Antivirus is a must for each and every computer.

Thank You.