10 Lines on Internet

  1. Internet is one of the most important things for a person in today’s world.
  2. It is a technology which connects the whole world with each other.
  3. Using the internet, one can connect with a person sitting in the other part of the world.
  4. The internet has evolved rapidly. Earlier we had GPRS, then 2G, then 3G and 4G. Now it is time for 5G. 
  5. With each generation, the speed of data transfer has increased drastically. 
  6. Nowadays we can download hundreds of GB data in a few minutes.
  7. Internet is used for almost all purposes.
  8. We use social media, watch movies, videos, listen to songs, read ebooks and articles, play games, learn new things in the internet every day.
  9. The Internet has become one of the best sources of income. Lakhs of people earn from internet.
  10. Internet is a boon for modern man. It is very difficult for us to live without internet.