Short Speech on India of My Dreams in English

Good morning to my friends, teachers and my fellow mates. Today I will be presenting a speech on India of my dreams.

India is developing and I would like it to progress and grow. I would like it to become India of my dreams in the near future.

India of my dreams will be free from poverty. I feel very sad when I see hungry children on the streets begging for food. I want poverty to leave my country and each individual to get enough food to survive.

My India of dreams should not contain any kind of crime or harm to the common man. Crime creates tension in society and creates obstacles in the growth of any country. I want to see my country in harmony and peace.

My India of Dreams would be a country where women are safe to walk freely on the streets. Also, there will be freedom of equality which I want everyone to enjoy in true sense. I want it to become a rape- free country.

The government has done a lot in the area of education with its so many initiatives but no everyone realizes the importance of education. I want my India of dreams to be the place where education is mandatory for all.

In our country, unemployment is one of the biggest problems. We have an educated youth population that is unemployed. My India of dreams will be full of job opportunities for everyone. I want unemployment to be an option, not an unwanted way of life.

Corruption is one of the major hindrances in the growth of our country. So I imagine India of my dreams to be corruption free. I dream of India where ministers and officials are dedicated to their work and do not accept or give bribes.

It is the country of Gandhi’s where no one will be afraid to speak the truth, the land of Buddha who teaches peace and harmony. The land of Sufi where all religion co-exists without any biases of religion, gender, caste, etc.

My India of dreams is a country full of happiness and peace.

Thank you.