Short Speech on Farmer in English for Students and Children

3 minute speech on Farmer for school and college students

Good morning! Respected principal, teachers and my dear companions, I stand before you to speak on the topic – Farmer.

Farmer is someone who is engaged in agricultural practices. They are the most important people in our society and are also considered as the backbone of society, no individual can imagine life without them. All our daily food requirements are fulfilled by them.

The fresh vegetables and juicy fruits we eat are all because of their hard work. Since the entire population depends upon them still the farmers do not have proper living conditions.

Farmers are far away from all the luxury and comforts of life. There are different types of farmers, some grow crops such as wheat, barley, rice while some are responsible for fruits and vegetables. They are the highest contributor to the Indian economy, as more than half of the rural population is in this occupation.


Condition of farmers is critical in some parts of the world because some farmers have their piece of land, while some work on other’s land and in that case there are middlemen who do not pay them adequate wages and take a good amount of money from them. Sometimes there is crop failure and farmers can’t bear the loss, all this leads to suicide by the farmers. The government has taken many initiatives for them. The government came up with various privileges by providing loans and reservations to the needy farmers of our country to save the lives of farmers.

Farmer’s life has been affected in many other ways such as coming up with globalization. The wave of globalization has made rich farmers richer and poor farmers poorer. Because of globalization and technological advancement, only rich farmers could afford high-quality seeds and advance technology which would reduce their labor, while the poor farmer could not enjoy these benefits.

Global warming also affects the farmers because crops, fruits or vegetables can be grown in a particular season and delay in the season due to global warming leads to crop failure. We all should take some initiatives to help the farmers of our country. Thank you.