The Postman Essay

A postman is a well-known person. He is a public servant. He works in the post office. He delivers letters, money orders, parcels, greeting cards, etc. from door to door and street to street. His services are very important.

People wait for his knock on the doo.r He is always welcome. The postman wears a khaki uniform and carries a bag full of letters, etc. He collects letters from letterboxes. Then they are sent through the mail-vans and trains to the addresses at different places.

He delivers letters received in his post office from other post-offices and places. He delivers registered and speed-post articles also. He links people and places. He brings news from friends relatives and near and dear ones from distant places.

He brings greetings and good wishes cards. Sometimes there may be a piece of unwelcome news. But again it is important because it concerns us. The news is news, whether good or bad and must be communicated.

The duties of a postman are difficult. These are more difficult for a postman working in a village. He has to cover long distances on foot, bicycle or sometimes on can boats. Sun or rain, freezing cold or scorching heat, he is on his duty.

But he is poorly paid. His salary is meagre. He has poor chances of promotion. His work conditions and pay should be raised. He should be provided with government accommodation. His children should be given better opportunities for education and training.

He should also be insured as he has to face dangerous situations. In far-flung rural areas, he has to cross rivers and thick forests When he carries money orders, his risks increase all the more.

He deserves our sympathy and regard. He has very few holidays and his hours of work are long and difficult We must give him better treatment and salary