Nuclear Disarmament Essay

In today’s world which is constantly haunted with fear of war, every nation is spending billions in maintaining an army, in furnishing it with up-to-date weapons, and in producing highly powerful and destructive armaments such as InterContinental Ballistic Missiles (known as ICBM) and atom bombs: No nation, however, seems to feel safe, for other nations are also progressing fast in the race for armaments.

Despite the end of the Cold War, the world is still divided into camps. Although the USA is the most powerful force in the world today, there are others like China, Iraq and Iran which are manufacturing powerful weapons.

The United Nations, which was brought into existence on the ashes of the League of Nations is seriously concerned with this problem. If by the slightest chance, any nation provokes another to war, there is no knowing what may happen in the next few hours.

Atom bomb and I C B.Ms may fly in all directions wreaking havoc on the whole world, affecting not only belligerent nations but also non-belligerent countries. That is why disarmament is talked of Mutual suspicion clouds the vision of the powerful nations.

Though they are aware of the annihilating effects of a war, they are nevertheless nowhere near reaching an agreed and practical solution.

The Third World is doing its best to bring about an agreement on disarmament and a bar on the manufacture and test of atom bombs, but the big countries are not in a mood to listen.