Mann ki Baat Essay

Mann Ki Baat is an Indian radio program hosted by the Prime Minister of India. This program can listen on Radio Nation Channel, DD National as well as DD News. 

After taking office in 2014, Prime Minister of India used a simple medium such as the radio to reach out to the public and to let people know their thought and vision through it. 

His program has been named ‘Mann Ki Baat’. Address of 15 places has been given for Mann Ki Baat, 61000 ideas were sent by the people to those addresses from which one of the ideas is kept.  For this, audio from 1.43 lakh audiences comes every month, out of which some selected calls are broadcast.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi started an initiative called Mann ki Baat. It broadcasted for the first time on 3rd October 2014, which presented as a general message to people form their prime minister. These 20 minutes massage broadcasted on Vijayadashami.

The purpose of broadcasting this program from the radio was that his voice could be reached to remote villages because TV is not accessible in every place in India, especially in rural and less developed areas still lack all these facilities.

Radio is a medium that reaches 90% of the population. Many non-government FM radio stations are also allowed to operate this show in metropolitan cities.

Apart from MM Rainbow, DD Bharati, DD Kisan, the program can also be heard on AIR Android mobile app All India Radio Live, iOS and Windows.

He told the public about the success of Mars Mission, Skill Development and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Along with this, he talked for a scholarship for differently-abled children and a website, which has been made to directly connect people with the government where one can share his views.

He had talked about Khadi. Health facility improvement, his experiences with soldiers in Siachin, drug issues in India and for their help a toll-free number were some other concerns. He did an episode with American president Barack Obama.

Both answered some question asked by some Indian citizens. In his last Mann ki Baat he talked about the environment, plastic waste, fight against malnutrition etc. We should have such leaders who have a vision for the country.

The reception of Mann Ki Baat was done in a very commendable manner. The goal of this program was to connect with the people of the entire country, it was accomplished through this program. 

People from all over the country, especially those living in metropolitan cities, showed interest in listening to this program and sending their ideas. A survey found that about 66.7% of the population of 6 Indian cities, including Mumbai and Chennai, tuned the Mann Ki Baat program of the Prime Minister of India. 

The Mann Ki Baat program has increased the revenue source of All India Radio (All India Radio).  Earlier, AIR used to pay up to Rs 1500 for a 10-second advertisement, but now for a 10-second advertisement, a recovery of up to Rs 2 lakh is made by AIR.

Mann Ki Baat is broadcast every month on Sundays from 11 am, mainly in Hindi as well as in English, but it is broadcasted in many local languages ??of the country by AIR.