Write A Letter To Friend About A Bird In English

Hai Naveen,

Hope you and your loving ones are doing good. I couldn’t write to you last week as I got busy with my school projects and academics. Last Monday evening as I reached home after playing football, I saw a very unexpected guest in our garden. A peacock! I have only seen a peacock at the zoo and seeing that on my garden surprised me. It looked same as we saw in photos. Its feathers were very pretty and were shining brightly. I immediately called my parents and they came out. My dad picked some grains in a bowl and kept it near the peacock. After some time, it came and picked the grains. It was so lovely to watch. We waited if it would spread the feathers but unfortunately it didn’t and after some times  flew away. That was a memorable day for me. 

Eagerly waiting for your letter. Bye and take care