Act 5

In front of Olivia’s house, Orsino comes with Viola and other lords and sees Feste and Fabian there. He asks them to let their Lady know that he is there to speak with her. Antonio also enters with officers.

Antonio and Orsino were enemies earlier so Orsino recognizes him as a notable pirate and asks his reason to be here. Olivia enters and Orsino starts devoting words for her.

When Viola speaks as Cesario, Olivia is startled because Sebastian had assured her heart earlier by marrying her. She calls the priest who conducted their marriage. Orsino accuses Viola (Cesario) of hypocrisy with which she has betrayed him. 

Sir Andrew enters and talks of a Cesario who has defeated him and Sir Toby bitterly. Sebastian enters and starts apologizing for hurting Olivia’s kinsmen. Orsino is surprised by Sebastian’s likeness with Cesario (Viola).

Sebastian doesn’t accept their idea of the twin because he never had a brother as his twin but a sister. Viola reveals herself at this very point. She is unable to believe that her brother is alive.

Viola is thrilled by the thought that how strong her faith was when she believed that her brother must have been alive. Viola tells everyone about she ended up in the court of Orsino. She assures Orsino that she will get the person who helped her to get into his court so that she can work.  

Olivia remembers Malvolio and asks about him. Feste reads a letter allegedly by him to prove further that he is a madman now. Meanwhile, Orsino relieves Olivia from duty.

Malvolio appears and accuses Olivia of a notorious misdeed which was done to him. Olivia clarifies that the handwriting with which that letter was written is not that of her but Maria.  Olivia tries to assure him of justice but he leaves in between.