The Tales of Bhola Grandpa Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 9th


‘Tales of Bhola Grandpa’ is presented by a young man, Manoj Das who had witnessed the funny antics of Bhola Grandpa first-hand. This story tells us about Bhola Grandpa’s interesting, amusing, and engaging experiences as observed through the eyes of a young man who knew him well. Bhola Grandpa’s innocence, warmth, and forgetfulness, otherworldliness, or absentmindedness adds a humorous touch to the narrative.

About the author

Manoj Das was born on February 27, 1934 and lived until April 27, 2021. He was an Odia and English novelist from India. Manoj Das received the Saraswati Samman in 2000. Manoj Das’s short story has been altered for this publication. He also publishes a variety of short tales, poetry, and travelogues.

Bhola Grandpa’s Chucklesome Stories!

The speaker’s village’s western end was home to Bhola grandpa and his wife. The speaker introduces Bhola grandpa’s home and surroundings, and then recounts amusing episodes that occurred with Bhola grandpa. The speaker and Bhola grandpa were returning from a celebration one night. Suddenly, bola grandfather let out a loud cry, claiming to have lost track of a young boy’s hands. His grandson was the little boy being referred here. After hearing this, the speaker’s father sent sharp men and Bhola grandpa to search the celebration for his grandson. His grandson was discovered hiding under a cow’s belly.

Another occurrence that caused the narrator’s father and friends to be hounded unnecessarily was a mix-up between fantasy and reality. It was a thrilling story about pirates burying a treasure along the seaside. After a whole night of searching, the narrator’s father and companions were unable to locate the enormous box. Finally, Bhola Grandpa admitted his fault and said that it was his imagination. 

Bhola Grandpa’s encounter with the Royal Bengal Tiger is also one of the few fascinating stories accounted by the speaker. According to Bhola Grandpa, when he was coming from a weekly market one evening, he was attacked by a tiger. From a safe distance, it was looking at him. He hastily climbed up a banyan tree and spent the night there, having saved himself. At daybreak, though, he had completely forgotten about the tiger and had come down in quest of water. He became terrified when he was reminded of the tiger. He then raced back to his house.

The tale closes on a rather sad note, with news of Bhola grandpa’s death at the age of 95. “The elderly man must’ve forgotten how to breathe,” his 85-year-old wife wept over his death.