The Necklace Summary & Explanation in English Class 9

I Wish!

Matilda, a woman, meant to be born into a wealthy family was hopeless and straightforward at the same time. She got married to a middle-class clerk. Matilda’s house was all worn out. It had shabby walls, and this tortured her.

Matilda imagined exquisite dishes, scintillating crockery, and well-dressed butlers serving food. In reality, she had nothing like this. Matilda had a wealthy friend at school. She did not like to visit her because she felt depressed after seeing what her friend had.

One day, her husband came and handed her an envelope. It was an invitation to a noble party. Her husband thought that Matilda would be happy seeing the invitation, but this was not the case. Matilda became very angry because she had nothing to wear on that occasion. Matilda started to weep. She told her husband to give that invitation to any of his colleagues’ wives as she did not have a proper dress for that party.

A Beautiful Necklace

Her husband asked Matilda about the price of the dress she wanted. She told him, ”four hundred francs… .” Her husband agreed. Matilda Loisel bought the dress. As the invitation date approached, Matilda Loisel was unhappy again.

Her husband asked her about the problem, and she replied that since she had a dress, she did not have jewels to adorn herself. She decided not to go to the party. Her husband suggested her to find her friend Forestier and borrow her necklace for the party.

Matilda chose a diamond necklace at her friend’s house. At the party, Matilda became the most admired lady. Everyone noticed her, and almost all the men wanted to talk to her. She was a success. She danced that night and enjoyed every moment of the party. 

After the party ended, they booked a cab after walking for a while in the cold of the night. Upon reaching their apartment, Matilda went before the mirror one last time to gaze upon her dress. She was dumbstruck to see that the necklace was not around her neck. It was lost.

The Lost Necklace

She told Mr Loisel, and he was shocked. They searched everywhere but all in vain. Mr Loisel decided to go and find the necklace in the street as it must have fallen there. Matilda did not sleep. Her husband had returned without finding anything. The next day, he went to the police station to report the loss and also printed advertisements.

After trying everything possible, they both lost hope. Mr. Loisel became five years older due to the shock. They decided to replace the jewel. Mr. Loisel borrowed eighteen thousand francs from lenders, added eighteen thousand francs of his savings (which his father had left for him), and bought a new chaplet of diamonds worth around thirty-six thousand francs. Matilda took back the chaplet to her friend, and she spoke to her rudely.

The Older Matilda

From that day, Matilda changed her lifestyle. She did all the household chores herself. She learned many things during this time of her life. After ten years, they had paid back all the money that they had borrowed. Matilda looked much older now. She often would sit before the window and think of that party that changed her life.

One day, while having a walk, she came across her friend who lent her the necklace. She looked young and beautiful. Matilda wished her friend a good morning. At first, she did not recognize Matilda. Upon recognizing, she was shocked to see Matilda’s condition.

Five Hundred Francs

Matilda confessed to Forestier that she had lost the diamond necklace that Forestier lent to her ten years earlier. Matilda’s friend was confused as she remembered that Matilda had given her back the necklace alone with the black box. She told Matilda that her necklace was not genuine; it was only worth five hundred francs.