The Little Round Red House Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 8th


  1. A little boy: The protagonist who was fed up with his toys and other things.
  2. The mother: The little boy’s mother who suggests him to find the little round red house.
  3. A mail carrier: One of the characters who had no idea about the little round house and was of no help to the boy.
  4. Police officer: Another character who couldn’t help the boy.
  5. Mr. Fetzer: A farmer who advised the boy to run up to his orchard and take a look around.


This is the story of a little boy who complains to his mother about his boredom. On a cold rainy and windy Saturday in October, he went down to the kitchen where his mother was reading a newspaper and told her that he was bored. The mother asked him to draw a picture with his new crayons or read one of his new library books or play with his new toys. But the boy had done all of these activities and was still bored.

At last, the mother asked the boy to search for a little round red house with no windows and doors, a chimney on the top, and a star in the middle. When the boy’s mother was a child, his grandmother asked his mother to search for this strangest little house.


The little boy was bored and asked his mother for ways to keep him engaged

It was a cold, rainy, and windy Saturday in October. The little boy was bored and so he went to his mother to ask what can he do to keep himself engaged. His mother suggested a few ways like drawing pictures with new crayons, reading books, about playing with toys. But the boy had already played with a million toys.

His mother thought for a bit and shared about the time when she was his age and she used to get bored too. The little boy’s grandma would send her out to search for the strangest little house. First, the mother asked the boy to put on his raincoat, hat, scarf, mittens, and boots. Then he needed to go outside and walk up and down the block to find that little house.

The mother told him about the Little Red House

It was a “little round red house” with no windows and no doors, a chimney on top, and a star in the middle. The little boy stared at her and got confused as he had never seen a house like that before, he asked her mother for the location but she didn’t tell him. She asked her to keep his eyes and ears open and if he looked hard, he should find it not too far from his home.

He walked down his long block to the corner. He saw the White House, blue house, and yellow house, but there was no red house. As he was standing on the sidewalk feeling puzzled, a white mail truck pulled up. From the truck, a mail carrier poked out and asked the little boy if he was lost. The boy told him that he was in search of a strange house, and asked for his help.

The little boy described everything about the strange house and the mail carrier to which he replied that he has been to every house in town and had never seen a house like that. He shook his head sorrowfully and moved.

After a while, he stopped again to think and looked up to see a police car cruising down the street. From the car, an officer came out. She asked, what happened? The boy describes everything about the little round red house and asked for help. But the police officer was also helpless.

The only person who could help the boy was Mr. Fetzer

At last, he met a farmer called Fetzer, and he was packing apples into boxes. The little boy describes everything about the little round red house to him and asked for help. This time the little boy was lucky because the farmer knows what the real little round red house is. The farmer said I remember your mother when she was just a little girl. Seems to me that she was looking for a house too, just like you described. The farmer walked out and pointed to his orchard.

The little boy ran across the field and up the hill. He stood under one of the apple trees and looked all around. The wind was blowing a dancing breeze and it blew a red apple right at his feet. Picking it up, the little boy took a closer look. A little round red house with no windows and no doors, a chimney on top by touching the stem. But he couldn’t find the start yet he put the apple in his pocket and ran all the way home.

His mother smiled when he took the apple out of his pocket and handed it to her. A little round red house with no windows, no doors, and a chimney on top. But where is the star? he asked. She picked up a sharp knife and cut it in half, right through its middle, and there he saw a star.


The Little Round Red House depicts and experience of a little boy who explored his surroundings to find out a little red round house. People explore the world for experience and knowledge. Exploration gives us the sense that anything is possible. Exploration leads to knowledge and understanding and means that you make the world a better place as you explore.