The Cat Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 10th


“The Cat” by Andrew Barton Paterson revolves around various activities done by a cat and the reason behind it. Andrew Barton discusses different questions regarding a cat like what do most people think about the cat,How different is cat with respect to human beings, What does a cat do all day long to pass the time and avoid boredom etc. People think that the cat is an unintelligent animal, caring only for a mice and milk. He further describes a cat as an athlete, an acrobat and a grim fighter. The cat watches a mouse-hole for an hour or two-just to keep himself from dying of boredom. When the family sits down to tea, the cat puts in an appearance to get his share by purring noisily and rubbing himself against the legs of the family members.

The guest and the cat

If there is a guest at the table, the cat is particularly civil to him, because the guest is likely to have the best of what is offered.However, the cat soon tires when the guests bends down and strokes it calling poor pussy instead of offering it delicious food. So,the cat stuck his claws into the guests firmly.The delighted family on this remarks,the cat as sweet, intelligent and tells the guests that he wants them to give him something to eat.

The guest dares not do what he would like to do that is kick the cat out of the window. So, with tears of rage and pain in his eyes, he sorts out a bit of fish from his plate and hands it down which the cat cautiously receives it. He purrs as he retires to a safe distance from the guest’s boot before eating his food.

True life of a Cat

When the family finishes the tea, and gathers round the fire, the cat casually goes out of the room and relaxes down his own backyard, springs to the top of the fence, drops lightly down to the other side,trots across and skips to the roof of an empty shed. He looks keenly from side to side and moves noiselessly, for he has so many enemies-dogs and small boys with stones. All these are actually a true life of a cat. The dull backyards are to them hunting grounds where they have more gallant adventure than King Arthur’s knights ever had.

The cats are always blamed that they are more fond of their home than of the people in it. Naturally, the cat doesn’t like to leave his country, the land where all his friends are, and where he knows every landmark and if exiled in a new land, he would have to learn a new geography. So, when the family moves, the cat, if allowed, will stay at the old house and attach himself to the new tenants. He will give them the privilege of boarding him while he enjoys life in his own way.