The Blue Bead Short Summary & Explanation in English ICSE Class 10

Sibia – A Poor Young Girl

Sibia is a young girl with heat full of pure wishes and beautiful dreams. She is full of fascination for jewellery even though she cannot afford them due to her poverty. She is in love with the colourful beads that the women of her village wear and prance around the woods in.

Her family does not have the means to stitch or make a bead necklace for her and so she fulfils her desires by just gendering at other women’s necklaces. She finds a secret cave to deposit and store all her possessions like pottery, toys etc.

A Woman Attacked

On one such visit, she witnesses a woman being attacked by a crocodile near the river bank. Normally, the women go in groups to avoid being assaulted but this time there was no other woman to help the victim of the attack. Young Sibia rushes to help the lady.

The woman tries hard to grab on to something to evade the croc’s grip but it is too strong especially in a running stream. Sibia grabs her fork (for cutting grass) and throws it at the reptile. Luckily, she hits the croc’s eyes and the animal is shocked.

It releases its grip and scampers away in pain. Sibia pulls the lady onto the river bank and helps her to find calmness. She purifies her wound with clay and covers them up with a cloth to stop the bleeding.

Woman is Hospitalised

Soon, the commotion of the event brings enquirers to the spot. They help the women get to the nearest settlement. Once they are there, the villagers help the woman to the nearest hospital so that she is administered the proper medical care.

Sibia is proud of her accomplishment and returns to grab her things from the site of the attack. However, when she droops to pick her fork, she glances at a beaming blue bead. It probably belonged to the victim but it lay there unclaimed.

Sibia Returns Home

To make it more tempting for Sibia, it is already having a hole making it easy to be threaded into a necklace. Overjoyed she returns home to narrate the whole episode to her mother. When she arrives home, her mother is livid, to say the least.

She moans about her disappearance and irresponsible behaviour. However, once she lets Sibia explain the reasons, she calms down. They both makeup and offer their admiration for the lovely blue bead.