The Adventurous Clown Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 6th


  1. Tuffy: The main character
  2. Timothy: The puppy dog
  3. The farmer: He gets angry at Tuffy for ruining his race.
  4. The Little doll: She complains about Tuffy to the policeman.
  5. The policeman: He puts Tuffy in lockup.


The Adventurous Clown by Enid Blyton is a nice children’s story about a toy called Tuffy who wanted to be a hero but instead ends up being the opposite and by the end of the story his puppy Timothy comes to his rescue and becomes the hero.


Tuffy wanted to be a hero

Tuffy was a toy clown who lived in a shop. He was very ambitious and wanted to be called a hero by other toys. So, he, flipping the suggestions of Timothy, the puppy dog, went out one night to have adventures. There was a race between two wooden horses and carts driven by a wooden farmer and Tuffy thought it was a chance to be a hero. So, he intentionally stopped the horse and the farmer fell down.

Tuffy spoiled the race

The farmer got very angry and berated him as he spoiled his race. The heroism having not been appreciated, Tuffy got upset. But the spirit of being adventurous was not subsided. Seeing smoke, Tuffy thought it was a fire in the corner of the shop and made a big arrangement to put out the fire. His effort of being a hero again got marred as he discovered that he was throwing water at a sailor doll who was making porridge and got thrashed by him.

Tuffy was rescued by Timothy

Appalled Tuffy made another attempt to become a hero by bringing the little doll who was swimming, out of the big bowl. The policeman doll came and the little doll told how Tuffy caught her and blighted her fun. The policeman locked Tuffy. Timothy came to salvage Tuffy. Unlocking the door, Tuffy and Timothy ran off and climbed to the shelf. Tuffy complimented Timothy by saying that he was the hero. He assured Timothy that he would not leave that shelf until he was sold.


The Adventurous Clown is a fictional children’s story highlighting that excess ambition damages reputations, and relationships, and can lead to catastrophic failure. On the other hand, too little ambition can make the person in question look lazy and unmotivated. Further, it can result in a mediocre performance, boredom, and a bleak sense of futility.