Secret of Health, Success and Power Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 12th


‘The Secret of Health, Success, and Power’ is an essay written by James Allen. It is an extract from his book ‘From Poverty to Power’. This essay, as the title suggests, talks about the ways from which one can attain good health, success, and power.

About the Author:

James Allen (1864-1912) was a notable English writer. He is best known for his inspirational and philosophical writing. Famous works of his include ‘By Ways of Blessedness’, ‘Majesty of Destiny’ and ‘As a Man Thinketh’. 


The theme of this essay is inspirational. It details on how one can lead a happy, meaningful life. Health, success and power, the three main aspects according to the author, are what seems to be the key to attain this. 



According to the author, health is the most important out of the three criterions he lays out. He feels that should people fall prey to sickness and diseases, one would not be able to attain success and power. For this, the author urges the readers to lead a life free of physical ailments and poisonous thoughts such as jealousy, suspicion and anger. 


True health and success, according to the author, go hand in hand. In order to attain success, the author urges the reader to possess unwavering faith in the Supreme. He believes that this purity and faith is what would bring success and riches and ensure that people have a peaceful, joyous mind. 


To attain power, the author asks the readers to attain ‘poise and passivity’. What he means by this is that one must remain stoic, calm and fearless in order to achieve success. A mind that is fit to command must be controlled, according to the author. Passion, he feels is not power. It is, rather, an abuse of power.


The author concludes by stating how, above all, one must have a purpose, a single aim in life. He urges the readers to remain devout to this cause, to this ambition, come what may. Thus, in addition to an eager mind, the secret to life, according to him, is a pure heart, a well-ordered mind, an unfaltering faith and a wisely directed purpose.