Little Cyclone: The Story of a Grizzly Cub Lesson Summary in English


This is the story about a young bear cub that bravely fended off a possible attack from much bigger and ferocious fellow animals in a Zoological park. The young grizzly bear proved its strength and grit, not wishing to be cowed down or dominated by other bigger bears.

Two Brothers

The chapter begins with a very meaningful insight. Every kid is attached to a toy that they treat with utmost love and care. The toy is their companion and provides them a sense of comfort. Mothers and their babies share a special bond, this affection is not limited to humans only, but animals too share this bond.

 Little Cyclone is a grizzly cub from Alaska, who earned his name by the vigour of his resistance to ill-treatment. The small cub’s mother was shot on a timbered hillside near Chilkat River and the two little brothers ran as fast as their little bear feet could take them.

When they returned to the spot, they found her on the ground and assuming she was asleep, they too snuggled up next to her and slept peacefully. However, their peace was disrupted in the morning. The humans came and nabbed the little cubs. The cubs fought valiantly and one of them managed to rescue himself and flee.

Although the other cub fought just as desperately, his captor managed to seize him. When finally captured, he was chained and kept in a saloon in Porcupine City, the captors would frequently and violently prod the little grizzly with a long pole “to see him fight.” Luckily, little Cyclone was rescued by a friendly Zoological Society field agent. He was contently shipped to New York.

New in New York

When little Cyclone arrived in New York he was a rather funny little fluffy thing. Two big black eyes sparkling like jet beads and a little nose absurdly short for a bear. His high shoulders and dangerous claws were an exception. He had the true grizzly spirit. The Bears’ Nursery at the New York Zoological Park is a big yard with a shade tree, a tree to climb, a swimming pool, three sleeping dens, and a rock cliff. It always contains around six to eight cubs.

It is considered a good test of courage and temper to put a new bear into that noisy crowd. A newcomer is usually intimidated and turns scared and timid. However, grizzlies are different, they are courageous and fearless. When little Cyclone’s travelling box was opened and he found himself in the Nursery, he boldly walked to the centre of the stage and stood.

There was an aura about him that spoke power and he looked around him and visually challenged anyone who dared to dominate him. Little Czar, a cheeky but good-natured European brown bear cub made the mistake of attacking Cyclone. Cyclone’s hit made Czar regret his decision and off fled Czar. 

Next came a black bear cub, twice the size of Cyclone, but he too was met with the same intensity of Cyclone’s fierce blows. He shamefully quit the field and scrambled to the top of the cliff. Cyclone meticulously met every attack and that was made upon him. Within an hour he had established his authority and all the bears feared him.

Since that day, Cyclone is treated with respect. Cyclone being the fine-spirited, dignified little grizzly he is, attacks no one, and has never had a fight.


The chapter brings forth the sad reality of animal cruelty and capturing them. It is not right to separate them from their families for human amusement or any other practice too, they also have emotions and feel. The chapter also tells us that no matter how difficult the situation gets, one must not surrender but fight it.

Although small, Cyclone did not submit to anyone, rather he challenged them and won. Having self-confidence is a must. Even after asserting himself as the mightiest, he harmed no one nor did he misuse his authority. We must learn from this.