Life With Grandfather Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 6th


  1. Grandfather: A tall strong man who always spoke in a loud voice.
  2. Grandmother: She was kind and gentle.
  3. Uncle: A young and clever person


‘Life with Grandfather’ was written by Shankar Pillai, a well-known cartoonist and founder of the Children’s Book Trust. His illustrations are as evocative and heart-warming as the stories of a child growing up in a rural setting in the early part of the 20th century. Raja, the hero, is an orphan, but he has a loving family his grandparents and uncle. 

Raja was an orphan

The narration starts with the protagonist introducing himself, his name is Raja which is not his real name but he likes it anyway. He lives with his grandparents as his mother died when he was young and his father abandoned him at his grandparent’s house. It was a large house with only four people living in it that is, Raja, his uncle, and his grandparents. Raja’s grandfather was quite popular in the village and people came to him for advice and help. It was Raja’s grandmother who constantly poked him to eat his meals. Raja’s uncle helped the grandfather in his fields and gardens, he even came to raja’s rescue whenever he needed it.

Raja did not have any friends as his grandfather was very strict and other children were afraid of him. Yet, Raja never complained as he liked his giant house with trees and fish tanks. They even had many cows, bulls, bullocks, and little calves that played and ran about in the garden. He loved to be surrounded by trees and animals and watch them.

Grandfather gets mad at Raja

One evening after heavy rain. Grandfather was picking flowers from the jasmine bush under the sandalwood tree, Raja shook the tree with all his strength as he loved the rain and they both got drenched which angered the grandfather and he chases after Raja but stumbles and falls. Raja out of fear did not go home and stayed in the fields. When it started getting dark, Raja got scared and ran back to the house but didn’t get in, instead took shelter in the cowshed as he was more scared of his grandfather.

Raja hides at a place where no one was able to find him

Grandmother kept waiting for Raja and searched for him in the house, she even called for him in the garden but there was no reply. The old couple gets worried and the grandmother scolds the grandfather for driving Raja away. Grandfather calls for the servants to search for the boy but even they fail to find him. The news of Raja missing spreads like wildfire and all neighborhood gathers at their house. Raja sees everything that’s happening yet couldn’t gather the courage to go up to his grandfather.

Uncle finds Raja

Grandfather didn’t like the situation and asks for everyone to search for Raja instead of wasting their time. Grandmother had lost all hope in seeing Raja again and wept for him telling everyone how good of a boy Raja was. Grandfather was sad but didn’t lose hope and prayed to god. When Uncle returned, he became acquainted with the situation, he knew where Raja might be hiding and found him in the cowshed. As soon as grandfather saw Raja, he hugged him and thanked God for listening to his prayer.


The writer wants to highlight the type of love that elders have towards their kids. Even when Grandfather was mad at Raja and strict at his will, he was worried about the boy and prayed to God to bring him home. At times elders will get angry at their kids but they will always forgive them, no action of their kid will make them hate their kid and one must remember that.