At the Vegetable Shop Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 6th


‘At The Vegetable Shop’ is a short, thought-provoking story. A short conversation exchanged between a young boy and a vegetable vendor reveals various good traits that ought to be inculcated in children.

About the Author:

Information about the author is unknown. 


This short story has a multitude of themes, honesty being the predominant one. Honesty, as the saying goes, amply rewards Ramu. The importance of eating vegetables and promotion of environment-friendly products are also themes that have been highlighted. 


The Vegetables:

The story begins with Ramu’s busy mother sending him to buy some vegetables on her behalf with a bag in hand. Ramu goes to the shop as per his mother’s wishes and inspects the vegetables. The vegetables there talked to him! The carrot, spinach, brinjal, potato, pumpkin and curry leaves each emphasized on its health benefits, urging Ramu to buy them. Ramu is faced with a conundrum as to what to buy, considering he had brought merely 80 rupees with him.

The Purse:

Suddenly, he noticed a purse among the vegetables, which he promptly hands over to the vendor. The vendor is overjoyed for it happened to be his own purse and nothing was missing from it. Understanding Ramu’s dilemma, he allows him to pick every vegetable free of cost as an appreciation for his honesty. Ramu, being conscious of conserving the environment, happily buys half a kilo of all the vegetables and takes them back in the jute bag that he had brought with him instead of the polythene one the vendor of the shop offered. 


The acts of Ramu are appreciable for they promote good values. All traits of him, that is, maintaining a healthy diet, being honest even when being dishonest seems appeasing and being eco-friendly are to be followed to lead a healthy, peaceful, and joyous life.