Around the World in Eighty Days Summary in English Class 12


Taken from the adventure novel by Jules Verne, the final four chapters describe the end of the protagonist’s journey. These narrate how Phileas Fogg finally returns to London after attempting to circumnavigate the world in eighty days. Just when the protagonist has given up all hopes, he unexpectedly wins the wager that had made him undertake such a long journey. 

Chapter 34

At the beginning of this chapter, the protagonist is in prison in Custom House due to a misunderstanding. Mistaken to be a bank robber on run, a detective named Fix arrests Fogg as soon as he reaches Liverpool. Fogg’s two companions are as much shocked with the sudden arrest as Fogg himself.

This prevents him from reaching the Reform Club in time to win the wager. As Fogg is making a brief entry in his journal and lamenting the loss brought by a trick of fate and time, his servant Passepartout enters the prison along with the detective. The detective apologizes for the folly he has committed by arresting the wrong man. 

This makes Fogg leave the prison with Passepartout. There are still some hours for the eightieth day to end. So Fogg arranges a train to London by paying a generous amount to the engineer. Accompanied by his faithful servant Passepartout and his beloved woman Aouda, Fogg sets out towards his final destination hoping to show up at the club on the promised hour. He gets off on the station at London only to realise that he is late by five minutes and has thereby already lost the wager. 

Chapter 35

This chapter opens with a dejected Mr Fogg at his place in Saville Row in London. He is in such distress for having lost the wager due to such an unforeseen misunderstanding that his servant fears that his master might be contemplating suicide. While Passepartout is keeping an eye on his master, Mr Fogg excuses himself and becomes more withdrawn. Only in the evening when Aouda proposes marriage to him, do his spirits lift. Elated, he instructs Passepartout to rush to arrange a parish for their marriage. 

Chapter 36

This chapter shows the scene at the Reform Club where the atmosphere is full of speculations. The five friends with whom Mr Fogg had struck the wager exactly eighty days ago, wait for the final hour. The news of a man taking upon himself the task of such an impossible journey has spread in the city and attracted a huge crowd outside the club. As the deadline approaches, the five men declare that Mr Fogg has lost the wager. It is at the last minute that Phileas Fogg makes a dramatic entry into the club followed by an excited crowd. 

Chapter 37

This chapter explains how Mr Fogg is able to meet the impossible deadline. Passepartout, who was sent to fetch a parish for the protagonist’s wedding, returns with a better news. He announces that it is still the eightieth day in London. Since the protagonist had moved eastwards during his journey, he had unconsciously earned an extra day. Thus, a difference in time zones had made them reach London one day before the final day. Realising he still has ten minutes left, Mr Fogg rushes to the Reform Club and manages to make a miraculous entry at the last minute. 


As per the wager, Mr Fogg wins twenty thousand pounds. But having spent nineteen thousand pounds during his journey, he only gets one thousand pounds. This is not a very rewarding amount in monetary terms but it enables him to pay his servant and save some money for himself. The long and exhausting journey, however, proves most rewarding because it earns him a charming woman as his wife.