A Prayer to the Teacher Lesson (Prose) 7th Standard Summary & Guide


Through this short essay, eight important lessons are taught to the children which are important in our day-to-day lives.  In this essay, the teachers while bidding goodbye to the outgoing batch hopes to say a few words to them. 

1st Lesson

The first lesson which the teacher teaches them is I pray to you that you teach me l the value of inclusion. Inclusion is very important in life. The teacher says without having any sense of inclusion will only lead to boundaries being pushed and not lived in. We are always concerned about our house and our family and not about the road outside our house or our maid who works for us. This is because we feel that the road is not ours. We don’t feel inclusive of them. 

2nd Lesson

The second lesson which the teacher teaches them is I pray to you to teach me to communicate. Day-by-day, we are getter nah caught up in this rat race. We are only concerned with making it to the top and in order to do so, we are forgetting how to communicate with others properly. The more we impress, the less we communicate. 

3rd Lesson

The third lesson of the day is I pray to you to make me learn. The students urges the teacher to teach them the critical way of thinking in life. Learning should be full of joy and not just to fend oneself in life. 

4th Lesson

The fourth lesson is As I learn to learn from unusual sources, I pray that you teach me to appreciate the interconnected nature of things. The students don’t want to know how different forms in nature work. They want to connect with nature. They want to look up at the sky and want to know where the birds are flying and where can they see them. They want to feel closer to nature and not just know it’s functions. 

5th Lesson

The fifth lesson is I pray to you to teach me not just the ability to answer, but also the power to question. The students request the teacher to teach them not just to answer but also to ask. They only know how to answer questions and which is why people think them to be “enslaved.” They need to know that’s it’s okay to ask questions and want to know how. Asking questions help them grow.

6th Lesson

The sixth lesson is As I learn the power of humility, teach me about how all things that sustain life on earth, come free. By living in a commercial world, students will get judged on their ability to buy and afford things. They want to live life humbly. They want to sustain life on earth and not just lead a lavish lifestyle. 

7th Lesson

The seventh lesson is I pray to you to teach me the power of silence – teach me also to raise my voice to protect the truth. The students request the teacher to teach them to live life quietly but truthfully. They don’t want to be violent just to make a point. They want to be heard without even speaking up. They want to live justly and not shy away from giving honest opinions. They want to speak out against injustice.

8th Lesson 

The final lesson is I pray to you to teach me to develop a world view of things. The students want to learn humanity. They want to learn and respect humans as they are not because of their class, religion, race or gender. They want to know each other as brother and sister. This is my world, teacher. In this world, I do not want to be a foreigner to anyone and I do not want to treat anyone like a foreigner. 


Through this story, the teachers are able to spread and teach the students how to live life earnestly and happily. These lessons are important to grow as a human being and also exceed life.